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Termites are more active in the warmer wet months of the year however that doesn't mean they aren't around and won't be out foraging for new food sources all year round.

Here are some of the things you can do to reduce your risk:

Reduce moisture around the building by attending to the following:

  • Fix leaking taps, even a drip is enough to attract termites
  • Improve site drainage, make sure water drains freely away from the house
  • Fix leaking gutters & downpipes, especially if cracked where they meet the ground
  • Ensure hot water system & air conditioning drip pipes are connected to the nearest downpipe or drain

Reduce wood around the site by:

  • Picking up & removing dead wood, sticks & tree stumps
  • Replacing wooden retaining walls & fences with non-wood material, e.g.: metal or concrete
  • Clearing vegetation adjacent to the building. Often roots can crack a concrete slab
  • Keep firewood stacked off the ground & away from the building. Check the wood regularly for termites

Keep your weep holes clear from the surrounding soil

  • Reduce soil levels if necessary

Keep up to date with recommended inspections, usually 6 to 12 monthly.

It is extremely important to maintain your inspections to reduce the risk and minimise damage to your home.

Sometimes we can become complacent after previous inspections have been termite free. Most people who find termites in their home are those who have not kept up with their inspections.

Consider your inspections as log-book servicing for your home. All our inspections are carried out to Australian Standards and include an electronic written report.

We can also provide a quote to install chemical termite treated zones and/or bait stations in and around your property.