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If you are going to control your home ant problem you will need to use non repellent insecticides. You need to apply a treatment which ants will not recognise as a dangerous poison.

The other way to treat for ants is to use a bait which is designed to be taken back to their nest and eaten. Externally when applying non repellent insecticide, it’s not important to know if the ants are sugar feeding, fat or protein feeding ants, because they will walk over the insecticide not knowing it’s a poison.

If you want to keep ants from coming into your home, you’ll need to spray around the home’s perimeter and treat its foundation creating a boundary to keep them at bay. This is especially important around doors and windows.

When applying inside your home, the safer option of treating ants, if they are localised in a small area, such as a cupboard, kitchen bench or single space you can use a bait effectively. Most ants inside a home are sugar feeding and with the range of baits on the market it can be a quick fix.

Depending on the type of ant you may find your infestation requires a more commercial approach at which point we highly recommend giving us a call so we can offer advice and solutions (along with a quote to take care of the problem for you).

Please be mindful when using baits and sprays yourself to keep them away from children and pets.