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How often should I have a pest control treatment?
For residential home owners annual pest control treatments are recommended. For Corporate clients regular treatments should be completed either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly depending on the office environment and risk factors.

Why do your treatments work so well?
We have developed systems to combine multiple products into an effective pest treatment service. We are trained to identify trouble spots and never cut corners. Customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority.

How long does a treatment take?
Treatments generally take one hour, depending on property size and the type of treatment required.

What makes you different than other companies?
We care about you, your family & pets. We take the time to walk through & discuss your pest problems before applying any treatments. We really care about solving your pest problem & aim to be in partnership with our customers long term.

Why do German Cockroaches require further treatments?
German Cockroaches are highly resistant to most chemicals, treatments require not only advanced chemical application, but also sanitation and habitat alterations.

Will you use they same products as other Pest Controllers?
Not necessarily, new products and procedures are developed regularly. We believe in the importance to stay up to date with technology, techniques and product releases to ensure pests don't become immune to treatments.

What warranty do you offer?
Warranties differ from business to business and based on various risk factors. When requesting a quote or booking please ask about our warranty details.

How come I have seen more pests following my pest control treatment?
Most of our treatments provide a transfer of chemical to the nest. After your spray treatment you may see more cockroaches and pests for a short period.

Our Pest Control Guarantee
We happily guarantee our work in accordance with manufacturers specifications. If you are not satisfied with the results, or discover a problem following treatment, just give us a call.