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Here are just a few helpful tips to prepare for your pest inspection and annual treatment. If you have any questions please ask us.


Please make us aware of anyone that is currently in the property suffering from asthma or breathing problems along with any other health issues. While our products are safe we are trained to minimise any risk factors that may attribute to any level of discomfort.

It is important that doors and windows are closed while we carry out treatment.

We recommend covering or removing all food and utensils prior to treatment. Store them safely in cupboards or sealed containers. Your pantry should be fine unless you have opened and uncovered food within.

Remember to remove or cover your pets water and food dishes also.

If you have an aviary please let us know so we can work around this. Fish tanks should also be covered to protect from spray drift.

You may like to vacuum and mop prior to our arrival as it is a good idea to avoid washing and cleaning floors for a week after treatment.


In order to get the most out of your treatment these are a few tips and best practices.

  • Please try to leave floors for at least one week prior to washing or mopping, in the instance of a flea treatment we recommend a two week gap between mopping.
  • Once sprayed areas dry it is safe for people and pets to walk on.
  • Where pest treatments have been conducted outside please avoid watering for at least 48 hours, this gives the treatment time to sink in making it last longer.
  • If we complete any other specific treatments we will advise of any additional considerations prior to leaving.